Live Online Casino: How, Where And When.

It was the distant 90s, when the first online casinos appeared on the internet landscape. A revolution, of course, to bring casino games to potentially all homes, thanks to the new possibilities offered by the development of the worldwide network. But as we know, the more technology advances, the more people expect something more, new introductions and innovations in all fields. After about 20 years from the appearance of the first online casinos, gambling against a computer is no longer enough, users want a greater level of involvement.

So come the Live casinos: live games, real tables, casino staff made up of real dealers, located in a “land” location . And here the internet no longer serves only to connect users with a server that manages the game, but to put two distant realities in contact: on the one hand the real player, on the other the real online casino.

We wanted to collect a small list of what we consider the most complete live casinos available, of course they are all AAMS certified and therefore totally legal:

  • William Hill Live Casino: offers a bonus of € 600 and Blackjack and Roulette tables.
  • Titanbet Live Casino: Offers a bonus of up to € 1000 for Blackjack, and Roulette.
  • Live Casino: € 500 bonus for new members, for Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat tables.

Playing in live online casinos does not require special operations : the procedure is the same as in the classic version of the gaming programs. Just go to the dealer’s website, check that the regulations are acceptable, download the program and register a gaming account with your personal information. Once you have done this, you can make your first deposit and start playing right away. All this can be done in about 10 minutes.

When a player enters the live casino through the game program, he will be connected live video with the table chosen to play. The video link is one way, so all connected players can see the game progress and the dealer, but no one can see the player , even if he has a webcam available, for privacy reasons. Precisely for this reason, the player still uses the game program interface to carry out the actions during the game and the dealer on duty will carry them out to the letter.

For the doubters or conspiracy freaks, we highlight the fact that during games in live online casinos, dealers call players by their nickname, which is why games cannot be pre-registered but must be live. . Furthermore, the software still keeps track of all the bets made and the results of each hand of the game played.

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